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The JHS Show is a weekly YouTube show hosted by Josh Scott, owner and creator JHS Pedals. The show began as a way to share the stories, personalities and amazing history that make the pedal industry what it is. Josh has many years of experience recording, playing live, as well as building and designing pedals. This has resulted in a fascination with pedals, as well as a love for the history surrounding gear and its influence on popular music. Every week Josh talks about a different topic related to guitar, guitar pedals, and the history of it all, as well as a healthy amount of playing. The JHS Show is a collaborative effort between Josh and Nick Loux has worked with Josh since 2010. Nick and Josh co-produce while Nick handles the filming and editing duties of each episode that Josh writes in deep morning meditation on a mountain peak high above the plains of Kansas City. It is also appropriate to mention Zach Simms who does several thousand tasks per week and also plays a sick bass line here and there.